A Minority of One - Bathe in Fiery Answer (Digipak CD)

A Minority of One - Bathe in Fiery Answer (Digipak CD)

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A MINORITY OF ONE consists of Jason H. Craban, Markus Wolff, Arrowyn Craban, Jason O'Neill - Butler, and James Woodhead (AT THE HEAD OF THE WOODS). They're from Portland, Oregon and play a really unique brand of ambient music, almost hard to describe but to me it represents a variety of feelings, the forest, the wind, natural sounds, your mind wandering, folk of past and peasant lives...expanding and growing in the mind A MINORITY OF ONE is not to be missed!


Track listing

  1. Wave Rolls
  2. Cambry (Hart of the Chyld)
  3. Full Spectrum Dominance
  4. Gnawer from Beneath
  5. Lungs
  6. Breath
  7. Tomorrow Never Knows
  8. Peat Fire Flame
  9. She


In 2009 this wonderful tape got an overhaul courtesy of AWP. In addition to the tracks on the original cassette, there's five new tracks. "Wave Rolls" is an incredible a cappella number featuring deep bass vocals and lilting tenor accompaniment. I can imagine the crew of an 18th century tall ship chanting one just like it. "Full Spectrum Dominance" would be at home on any Dark Ambient release, but features guest vocals by the Craban's daughter making the track eerie as well as playful. Next is a track that also appeared on last years Live Collection CDr, "Gnawer From Beneath". It reminds me of being in the hold of sea faring vessel as the wood creaks and groans. It also features the cymbal spinner. Browse around the AMO1 websites for some pics of that amazing contraption. Track no. 8 entitled "Peat Fire Flame" appeared on the live disc as well. It's a cover of a traditional "tramping song". It's another incredible track that taps into the volkish soul with the "oh oh oh" chorus, woodwind instruments and field recordings. It's one of my favorites on the CD release. Rounding out the new tracks is "She", a reworking of the Beatles "She's So Heavy" that will indeed blow your mind. So if you missed out on the very limited cassette release, this will be a chance to right that wrong. If you were lucky enough to land one, the additional tracks make it more than worth your time and cash. The insert with the notes on each song is a welcomed addition as well. The digipak uses the same cover art as the original tape, but I strongly suggest picking up the special edition that features a leather cover handmade by Jason Craban himself. The release was pressed at 1000 copies, but the special editions are limited to 100. Highly recommended!!! - 5/5