Aphrodisiac - Nonsense Chamber (CD)

Aphrodisiac - Nonsense Chamber (CD)

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A noise/ambient side-project from members of DODHEIMSGARD, FLEURETY, STRID, ULVER!! Nonsense Chamber was their only release.


Track listing

  1. With Such High Best
  2. Rippled with Laughter
  3. Like in a Constant State of Sexual Ecstasy
  4. I Know Who I Am
  5. Our Relaxations
  6. Burst of Disappointment
  7. Indecent Exposer of Consciousness
  8. Johnny Came Home from Staten Island in a Body Bag
  9. Lux et Tenebrae
  10. Illness and Wasted Money
  11. Paintbrush
  12. Fairies and Frogs
  13. Children, It is I