Campo de Mayo / Permafrost - A Blindfold Stained with Blood / Haunting the Forgotten (CD)

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Split between two Argentinian bands, CAMPO DE MAYO and PERMAFROST. Six tracks each.


Track listing

  1. Campo de Mayo - Intro
  2. Campo de Mayo - A Blindfold Stained with Blood
  3. Campo de Mayo - For Those Who Were Forgotten
  4. Campo de Mayo - Another Glance... Even Colder
  5. Campo de Mayo - Back into the Forests
  6. Campo de Mayo - Revelations of Doom (Hellhammer cover)
  7. Permafrost - Under Branches of Desolation
  8. Permafrost - Winds Wounding the Night
  9. Permafrost - A Voice from the Mountain Side
  10. Permafrost - Fog Spirit of the Ancient Woods
  11. Permafrost - And Fierce Shadows Crept over My Soul
  12. Permafrost - Leaving the Forests of Vrimmr