Vomit of Doom - Magnus Cruelty (CD)

Vomit of Doom - Magnus Cruelty (CD)

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Speed black metal attack from Argentina, Rio Negro with an expression full of satanic metal, sound like a glorified as POSSESSED, ORDER FROM CHAOS, PROFANCER, SLAUGHTER.


Track listing

  1. Totality (Intro)
  2. Black Metal Invasion
  3. No Divine
  4. Eternal Enemy
  5. Captor of Light (Interlude)
  6. Shadow of Tyranny
  7. Pest of Tomorrow
  8. Sodoma Conquest
  9. Magnus Cruelty (Outro)


Black thrash. SLAYER, SEPULTURA (earliest, naturally!), AURA NOIR.. you know the comparisons and they perform this short record with a tightness, quality and variation that burn through the nineteen minutes without dragging for a second. - 4/5