Conflict - Increase the Pressure (CD)

Conflict - Increase the Pressure (CD)

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The track listing for this album on CD has always been a mess, see below for the correct list. Double checked by yours truly.

CONFLICT's classic anarcho-hardcore second album, recorded February-April 1984. CD reissue includes a live recording from the Brixton Ace, 8-10-83.

The same old racket with the same old songs. Well it's the same fucking system and it still stands strong. The battle continues, so bollocks to them.


Track listing

  1. Increase the Pressure
  2. Law and Order (Throughout the Land)
  3. From Protest to Resistance
  4. Tough Shit Mickey / Punk Inn'it
  5. As Others See Us
  6. Cruise / The Serenade Is Dead / The Positive Junk / The System Maintains
  7. The Positive Junk (live)
  8. The System Maintains (live) / Berkshire Cunt (live)
  9. The Guilt and the Glory (live)
  10. "Stop the City"
  11. One Nation Under a Bomb (live)
  12. Blind Attack (live)
  13. Blind Attack (live)
  14. Vietnam Serenade (live) / Blood Morons (live)
  15. Exploitation (live)
  16. Whichever Way You Want It (live)


In the almost two years that separated both records Conflict slowed down slightly, became better musicians and learned how to write songs that were catchy and easily discernable from one another yet still contained the raw anger and energy of good punk music. Every song on this album (which blasts through ten songs in 20-odd minutes) is memorable and powerful and serves as a healthy riposte to detractors who accuse punk of being for the tin-eared. - 5/5