Flux of Pink Indians - Strive to Survive & Neu Smell (CD)

Flux of Pink Indians - Strive to Survive & Neu Smell (CD)

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That's why on the (Strive To Survive) record we've done things that a thrash punk band shouldn't have done. There's some very slow stuff on the record. We did a poem on the first single, which a punk band shouldn't have done. We did it cos it was very important to us to get across to people. On the first single we had that big broadsheet inside with all the information written. We tried that, that way one way of getting across. With the next record we've done it more visual. Hopefully when somebody picks up our record and it's got all these pages inside, all these pictures, they'll think 'Fuck it, maybe it is a bit more than the music.' They ought to. With Neu Smell I think it failed on various levels as people have asked us - some people, not many - what Tube Disasters meant, which we went to great length to try and explain inside the single. I think with the new record we've cleared up any misunderstandings on Neu Smell. It should be very clear to people what it is we're into, or what it is we're trying to present.

Note: the Neu Smell tracklisting on the CD is incorrect, we've corrected them below.


Track listing

  1. Song for Them
  2. Charity Hilarity
  3. Some of us Scream, Some of us Shout
  4. Take Heed
  5. T.V. Dinners
  6. Tapioca Sunrise
  7. Progress
  8. They Lie we Die
  9. Blinded by Science
  10. Myxomatosis
  11. Is There Anybody There?
  12. The Fun is Over
  13. Sick Butchers
  14. Background of Malfunction
  15. Poem
  16. Tube Disasters
  17. Poem


All of the tracks on this album are classic examples of 80's punk rock, so it's hard to pick the best. "T.V. Dinners" is as great a march song as they come, however, and "Charity Hilarity" stands out as being one of the best tracks this band has to offer. The rest of the album really rings of the same tune, but that was okay during punk's hayday because it never sounded rehashed or forced. Even if it was forced, the band did a great job of concealing it -- and Strive to Survive is one of the 15 best punk albums of all time because of that. - 5/5