Obituary - Darkest Day (Special Edition) (CD) Obituary - Darkest Day (Special Edition) (CD)

Obituary - Darkest Day (Special Edition) (CD)

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When OBITUARY announced their plans to record a new album in early 2007 the metal world stood up and applauded. One of death metal's crown jewels was returning and fans could not have been more enthused. The album, Xecutioner's Return, delivered the goods as only OBITUARY could. Now two years later the band are back with their new epic. Signature in every way, Darkest Day shows that this band truly gets better with age. With a headline world tour already confirmed this year, these Tampa legends continue to prove that their work ethic and credo continues unwavered, unmatched and truly inspirational.


Track listing

  1. List of Dead
  2. Blood to Give
  3. Lost Inside
  4. Outside My Head
  5. Payback
  6. Your Darkest Day
  7. This Life
  8. See Me Now
  9. Fields of Pain
  10. Violent Dreams
  11. Truth Be Told
  12. Forces Realign
  13. Left to Die