Archgoat - Worship the Eternal Darkness (Red Edition) (LP) Archgoat - Worship the Eternal Darkness (Red Edition) (LP)

Archgoat - Worship the Eternal Darkness (Red Edition) (LP)

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Transparent blood red edition.

32 years after formation, Finnish iconoclasts ARCHGOAT stand monolithic as one of the most nightmarishly singular bands in extreme music. Helmed with preternatural telepathy by twin brothers Ritual Butcherer (guitars / composition) and Lord Angelslayer (bass / vocals), newest emission Worship the Eternal Darkness is a typically depraved set built to mock our contemporary malaise. Continuing on from preceding album The Luciferian Crown the hoof-pressure is slightly alleviated from the throat, the band's patented synthesis of occult Finnish black / death metal, harsh punk, primal thrash and grindcore is tempered here with elements of melodic dynamism: a rhythmic crush less unrelenting, horrorshow vocals slightly more intelligible, a production shorn of murk highlighting potent synth-sorcery and welcome NWOBHM influences, not least guitar solos of old-school finesse. Recorded over 2 days in foulest 2021 and clad-as-ever in immortal Chris Moyen artwork, Worship the Eternal Darkness has all the thematic unity, arcane knowledge, otherworldly class and divine filth expected from a legendary band stoking underground hellfires which burn stronger than ever.


Track listing

  1. Intro
  2. Heavens Ablaze
  3. Black Womb Gnosis
  4. All Christianity Ends
  5. In Extremis Nazarene
  6. Rats Pray God
  7. Empyrean Armageddon
  8. Blessed in the Light of Lucifer
  9. Worship the Eternal Darkness
  10. Burial of Creation