Artcore - Issue 30 (with State Funeral EP) (Zine) Artcore - Issue 30 (with State Funeral EP) (Zine)

Artcore - Issue 30 (with State Funeral EP) (Zine)

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Includes STATE FUNERAL's Protest Music EP with 8 page booklet, patch and a download code.

In this issue, Artcore features interviews with the Magnificent and Boss Tuneage Records from the U.K., NOTHING from Germany, OUT OF TRUST and No MISTAKE from the U.S., as well as the director of the All Ages Boston Hardcore Film; Drew Stone, and a new interview with Ron Reyes, formerly of BLACK FLAG. After years of being somewhat overlooked by punk historians, Vaultage finally features the complete history of GOVERNMENT ISSUE. Helge Schreiber writes at length about Hardcore Holland, featuring; BGK, DEADLOCK, DISGUST, INDIREKT, LARM, NEUROOT, PANDEMONIUM and FUNERAL ORATION. Helge also allowed us to publish the English translation of excerpts from his book 'Network Of Friends', with contributions from Ian MacKaye, Henry Rollins, Dave Dictor, John Stabb and many more. Thirty years on from the release of the FAITH / VOID split LP, Andy Nystrom talks to Chris Stover of VOID, and Michael Hampton of FAITH about the record. David Ensminger talks to members of REALLY RED and MYDOLLS, and Welly writes about Gigs of the Eighties, as well as G.I. There are of course, many reviews, columns and other stuff, as well as photos and graphics.


Track listing

  1. The Third Estate
  2. Between Punk Rock and a Hardcore Place
  3. The National Anathema
  4. Watching the Suburbanoids
  5. The Old School Ties That Bind Us
  6. State Funeral