Binah - Hallucinating in Resurrecture (CD)

Binah - Hallucinating in Resurrecture (CD)

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UK death metal with members of CODE, TOWERS OF FLESH, and INDESINENCE.

Despite none of the band's members being newcomers to underground metal, the entity that is Binah has spawned what's certain to be remembered as one of this year's weightiest and hungriest-sounding full-length recordings. Spanning ten tracks of morbid-sounding death, "Hallucinating in Resurrecture" captures the UK trio's concoction of obscure and primordial sounds; one that makes no secret of their Finnish, Dutch and Swedish (even some U.S. via AUTOPSY and MORBID ANGEL) prime inspirations yet oozes a dense ambiance that's distinctly their own. Whether exploring fast and serpentine sections or sparser and more reflective passages; this beast remains unrestrained in its intensity. Focusing on its song-craft and otherworldly in its vibes; familiar yet eerie, "Hallucinating..." is pure death.


Track listing

  1. Into the Psychomanteum (intro)
  2. Morbid Obumbration
  3. A New Rotten Dawn
  4. The Emissary
  5. Absorption into the Unearthly
  6. Eminence of the Sombre
  7. Hallucinating in Resurrecture
  8. Dissoulution
  9. Crepuscular Transcendence
  10. Buried Baptistry (outro)


Their sound is very much traditional Death Metal - back to the roots, if you will - and you can't help but think of Swedish Death Metal when you're listening to the album. I think that it can be difficult to get this genre of music right - too many band go overboard with the vocals, or just have absolutely no rhythmic sections - but BINAH have managed to get the balances right and create an awesome album. - 4/5