Catacumba / Abigail / Taekaury / The True Endless - Region of the Underworld (CD)

Catacumba / Abigail / Taekaury / The True Endless - Region of the Underworld (CD)

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A varied four-way split between well known and new bands. Italy, Japan, South Korea and Brazil! Black, thrash and pagan metal.


Track listing

  1. Catacumba - A Chant for Bacchus
  2. Catacumba - Temple of Bones
  3. Catacumba - Narcomagick (alternative mix)
  4. Catacumba - Sphere of Silence
  5. Abigail - Fire After Fire
  6. Abigail - Fight for My Master
  7. Abigail - Satanik Metal Fucking Hell (live)
  8. Abigail - Hell's Necromancer (live)
  9. Taekaury - Killing Racist
  10. Taekaury - Fucking Nowadays Korean Mental
  11. Taekaury - Way of Blood
  12. The True Endless - Black Swamp
  13. The True Endless - The Yoke
  14. The True Endless - Burnt at His Altar (Beastcraft cover)


Catacumba...presented with several Black/ Death Meal takes, some of them atmospheric, others raw, crude and evil. Their music oozes pure hatred and brutality, with fast drumming, exceptional riffs, and vocals that sounds like they're simply vomiting pure darkness... Abigail...the music is really exciting, the kind that you'll headbang and mosh even by yourself... Taekaury...utterly fast, raw, powerful and heavy. The guitars sound like visions of a distorted mind and the vocals are incredible outstanding work... The True Endless... old-school, mid-tempo to up-tempo Black Metal, sounding very organic, heavy and genuine, but there are also atmospheric passages. - 5/5