Confessor - Live in Norway (DVD)

Confessor - Live in Norway (DVD)

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Hot off the heels of their groundbreaking Unraveled comeback album, comes the band’s first ever DVD! Filmed during a co-headlining stint at the first annual Sonic Solstice Festival in Oslo, Norway, this captures the band at their technical best.
The set, which features songs old and new, was shot using multiple camera angles and comes to you live in 5.1 Surround Sound! Packed with extras, the release comes complete in a limited edition Metalpak!


Track listing

  1. Collapse into Despair
  2. Cross the Bar
  3. Prepare Yourself
  4. The Downside
  5. Sour Times
  6. Uncontrolled
  7. Wig Stand
  8. Eve of Salvation
  9. Suffer


Jaw-dropping. - 5/5