Conflict - The Final Conflict (CD)

Conflict - The Final Conflict (CD)

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The final conflict,
our war of words.

Released at the end of a turbulent 1988, another great CONFLICT album. CRASS's Steve Ignorant joined as co-vocalist for this LP.


Track listing

  1. Countdown to Confrontation
  2. Let the Battle Commence
  3. I Heard a Rumour
  4. The Cord is Cut
  5. Barricades and Broken Dreams
  6. Do You Get the Picture
  7. The A Team
  8. These Things Take Time
  9. Radio Trash
  10. The Final Conflict


This album has a loud, discordant feel to it and it starts to wear on the listener after a while. It opens with the thundering instrumental "Countdown to Confrontation" and segues into the first rip-roaring number, "Let the Battle Commence." - 3/5