Darsombra - Nymphaea (CD-R)

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Nymphaea has been a staple of the DARSOMBRA set for 2+ years. Always a crowd favorite, the track was only released on the untitled 55 artist, 3CD compilation that PG co-curated in 2007. Now, DARSOMBRA has decided to retire the song from the live set. In lieu of a memorial, Public Guilt asked 12 remixers to have a crack at reinterpreting the track. What better way to lay something to rest than to rip it apart and let other people put it back together? From children's toys-based pop songs to blissed-out ambience, throbbing electronica to vocal interpretations sung in Latin, the resulting tracks on Nymphaea are an eclectic and varied bunch.


Track listing

  1. darsombra - nymphaea
  2. Max Bondi & Bleeding Heart Narrative - Nymphaea (Hyena Amp mix)
  3. Pulsoc - Nymphaea (True Love Never Dies remix)
  4. The Guilty Connector - Dotonbori Neonlights
  5. Ala Muerte - nymphaea caerulea
  6. Perfekt Teeth - Nymphaea (Escape from Perfekt Teeth remix)
  7. Magicicada - All is All
  8. Strotter Inst - yeah-Namp
  9. Destructo Swarmbots - A Fist Full Of Dust Pointing Fingers At My Chest
  10. Blood Fountains - Nymphaea (Seance remix)
  11. Decimation Blvd. and Darla Hood - Nymphaea (remix)
  12. The Heirs of Rockefeller - Nymphaea (The Drugs Won the Drug War mix)
  13. le knell - Nymphaea (Ampla variety)


The vocal and toy piano rendition by London's Max Bondi & Bleeding Heart and the R&B funeral dirge by New York's Ala Muerte are stunning enough to stand alone, and some of the landscapes and textures on Nymphaea succeed in making Daniloski's earthy proto-pop sound positively ghostly. - 5/5