Desecration - Welsh Death Metal Bastards (DVD)

Desecration - Welsh Death Metal Bastards (DVD)

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Containing the Coffin Smasher video, live footage, us messing around, a picture slideshow containing images of the band over the past 20 years, and even some karaoke and guitaraoke versions of tracks.

Includes live clips from: Obscene Extreme Festival, Trutnov, Czech Republic (2013), Immortal Bar, Bangkok, Thailand (2014), Kin Hell Fest, Leeds, UK (2014), Plan B, Moscow, Russia (2013).


Track listing

  1. When the Heart Stops Beating...
  2. Dig Up, Dig In
  3. Mutilated Genitalia
  4. Cemetery SickneSS
  5. Bacterial Breakdown
  6. Grave Wax
  7. Aim, Fire, Kill
  8. Sadosexual Suicide
  9. Cemetery Sickness
  10. Coffin Smasher
  11. Bacterial Breakdown
  12. Mutilated Genitalia
  13. Grave Wax
  14. Aim, Fire, Kill
  15. Coffin Smasher (official video)
  16. Raping the Corpse (lyric video)
  17. Desecration Slideshow
  18. Bonesaw (exclusive instrumental karaoke / guitaraoke versions)