Glittertind - Djevelsvart (LP) Glittertind - Djevelsvart (LP)

Glittertind - Djevelsvart (LP)

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GLITTERTIND's third album. A mix of acoustic and electric, traditional folk and folk rock / metal.


Track listing

  1. Inngang
  2. Djevelsvart
  3. Sundriven
  4. Sprekk for sol
  5. Kvilelaus
  6. Trollbunden
  7. Nymåne
  8. Tåketanker
  9. Stjerneslør
  10. Utgang


Djevelsvart serves as Glittertind's most mature release to date. It's less party hardy tavern folk metal and instead focuses on dark melodies and has a rather haunting atmosphere. The band still kicks things up with heavier tracks, but the focus is on serene quietude, only interspersed with heavier and punk infused tracks. While there are a few small stumbles here and there, Sandvik and crew really have crafted an excellent album that is very difficult to pigeonhole. This could appeal to fans of the folk-driven harmonies of Elvenking, the acoustic interplay of Agalloch and the vocalization of Falconer. Check out with an open mind. - 4/5