Hardingrock - Grimen (CD)

Hardingrock - Grimen (CD)

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Handingrock formed in 2005 and Grimen is their only release at this point. Featuring Ihsahn (EMPEROR), his wife Starofash (PECCATUM) and Knut Buen - a known figure in Norwegian folk communities as a fiddler and writer.
Folk-metal with an emphasis (and name) based around the Norwegian national instrumental - a Harding fiddle, played by Grimen.


Track listing

  1. Daudingen
  2. Fanitullen
  3. Faens marsj
  4. Margit Hjukse
  5. Den bergtekne
  6. Faen på bordstabelen
  7. Grimen
  8. Fossegrimen
  9. Nykken
  10. Huldreslåtten (Bygdatråen)

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