Hate Meditation - Scars (CD) Hate Meditation - Scars (CD)

Hate Meditation - Scars (CD)

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Raw, ambient, atmospheric black metal. Formed by Azentrius (NACHTMYSTIUM, TWILIGHT) with members of AVICHI and BELIAR.


Track listing

  1. Prelude to Apocalypse
  2. The Deceiver and the Believer
  3. Impure Rage
  4. End Times
  5. The Genocide March
  6. Wrath and Revenge
  7. Scars
  8. Shadow World


To be frank, if you're looking for the bizarre leanings of Nachtmystium's Black Meddle albums, you're not going to find it with Hate Meditation. Scars is raw, gritty black metal in a much purer form, and contains little to no experimental dabbling whatsoever. Blake is (as usual) the guitarist and vocalist for this new project, and this time around his vocals sound a lot raspier than they have in recent years, like high-pitched hisses of sorts that chill the very marrow of your spine... - 4/5