Havohej - Kembatinan Premaster (CD)

Havohej - Kembatinan Premaster (CD)

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The second full-length album is now complete! Deemed to be the grand master of unholy darkness and black perversion, Kembatinan Premaster destroys all past work & is the definite Havohej ritual to be observed by ALL devotees of the genre. Easily the ultimate contender on the bestial black throne of metal to deliver such complete utter fucking darkness so very few can capture. Kembatinan Premaster is a single meditation consisting of 8 parts in 37 minutes of total fucking blackness with acclaimed black vocal vomits and signature style profanatic percussion. This is the continuation of the now classic Ledney atrocities committed in 1993 and yet again breaking major ground 16 years later.


Track listing

  1. Kembatinan Premaster
  2. Pious Breath
  3. Bloud and Souls
  4. Melancholike
  5. Bloud of the Word
  6. Sundowning (Destroie Men and Beasts with Lookes)
  7. Hatefull unto God
  8. Homerica Medicatio


The noise elements here are actually accessible when compared to an artist like Merzbow, but there is just something so dark about what Ledney has accomplished. It fucks with you, it hypnotizes you, and it makes you hate all life, and yet, appreciate it. - 4/5