Kandarivas - Grind Surgical Shrine (2020 Reissue) (CD) Kandarivas - Grind Surgical Shrine (2020 Reissue) (CD)

Kandarivas - Grind Surgical Shrine (2020 Reissue) (CD)

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Second edition with new layout, first edition of 1000 sold out in six months.

KANDARIVAS is a grindcore band born in Kanda, Tokyo, and formed around the genuine Edokko Tomoki. An experimental and original double drum beat that incorporates Japanese drums, and sometimes an industrial touch hard guitar riff is carved to create a unique KANDARIVAS sound that can be said to be a mix of Japanese and Western styles with a heavy sound while being bassless. A mini-album containing 9 songs released by KANDARIVAS, who has performed live activities frequently since its formation and has had a lot of live performances in Indonesia with deep exchanges with Indonesia's DEAD SQUAD. Recording / mixing down is Void))) lab, mastering is Studio Chos K. Bvllmetal also worked on artwork such as TERRORIZER, NOCTURNUS, and DEAD CELL MASSES. A work that feels the possibility of a new grindcore is born here by fusing Japanese culture and sensibility with the Western-style grindcore structure that has been the mainstream until now.


Track listing

  1. ハジマリハジマリ
  2. コウチョウ
  3. ディスセミネイション
  4. フミニジレ
  5. グラインド サージカル アティトゥード
  6. ネックアップ
  7. ハキクダシ
  8. コウブドウ
  9. サボタージュ