Ordo Caper - Aphorism of Baneful Arts (CD) Ordo Caper - Aphorism of Baneful Arts (CD)

Ordo Caper - Aphorism of Baneful Arts (CD)

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From time to time you do encounter bands which while treading the traditional path in metal, still offer new elements which make them unique, and in the process, un-altering their devotion to the primeval genre. ORDO CAPER is a band hailing from Costa Rica, active since 2010 and with a dossier consisting in an important number of releases, among demos, eps and splits (some of them with the caliber of bands such as OBEISANCE, ANAL VOMIT and ROK). Aphorism of Baneful Arts is their first full length album, consisting of newly recorded versions of old tracks together with new ones, and with this, portraying their special take of death metal, sluggish at times, rotten and traditional, but at the same time innovative and bizarre. Intricate and wicked riffing coupled with down tuned guitars, chaotic soloing and a putrid voice which show that everything hasn't been said yet regarding to death metal.


Track listing

  1. Cult of the Damn
  2. Goat Command
  3. Collapsed Flesh Machine
  4. Incinerator
  5. Abominations Prevail
  6. Monkus
  7. Winged Eviscerated Eye
  8. Pestilence Raged


The dense and powerful deadly metal of the old style, reaching most into the American school, will sweep you away with its energy from the earth's surface. This is how to feel real death! - 5/5