Sarcofago - Hate (2020 Reissue) (Cassette) Sarcofago - Hate (2020 Reissue) (Cassette)

Sarcofago - Hate (2020 Reissue) (Cassette)

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Formed 1985 in Belo Horizonte, Brazil

SARCÓFAGO had always been known as one of the most radical bands to inhabit the metal landscape. That reputation would be more than solidified with the release of the band's 3rd LP, simply and aptly entitled Hate. After having flirted with the big time of metal with The Laws of Scourge, the band realized that its rightful place was in the depths of horrific and ill music. Never to fit in preconceived box, its nature was to simple rage to its full strength like a wild beast. With that notion at heart, SARCÓFAGO went on to release the album that would become known as one of its most unapologetic and controversial statements.

Released in 1994, Hate was received positively by fans and critics alike. The album's somber and sickening themes hovering on notions of suicide, murder, and descent into madness were tempered by Lamounier's finest moments on guitar as his churning and evil riffs permeate the entire album. The choice of drummer was also of note, as the band chose to not use one. Instead, all drums were programmed with the intent of making them sound inhumanly fast. This choice of percussion would follow the band through all of its later releases, including The Worst and Crust. In short, the album's agnostic message aims for the gut and punishes the listener from beginning to end.


Track listing

  1. Intro / Song for My Death
  2. Pact of Cum
  3. The God's Faeces
  4. Satanic Terrorism
  5. Orgy of Flies
  6. Hate
  7. The Phantom
  8. Rhabdovirus (The Pitbull's Curse)
  9. Anal Vomit
  10. The Beggar's Uprising