Slidhr - White Hart (Digipak CD)

Slidhr - White Hart (Digipak CD)

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The eagerly awaited third full-length from Ireland's SLIDHR - and follow up to 2018's "The Futile Fires of Man" - is the band's most triumphantly destructive offering to-date, brim-filled with passion, hatred and venom.
Propelled by a powerhouse performance from revered Icelandic drummer Bjarni Einarsson (SINMARA, ALMYRKVI), White Hart! evolves from an immersive base of maliciously misanthropic, raging black metal into a deeper, dynamic beast flavoured with dread atmospheres to illuminate hidden serpents, black shrouds, dead realms and great plagues.


Track listing

  1. The Temple Armoury
  2. White Hart!
  3. Sacred Defiance
  4. Trench Offering
  5. What the Gauntlet Bestows
  6. The Bloodied Tongue
  7. Wall of the Reptile
  8. Hate's Noose Tightens