T.S.O.L. - The Early Years Live (DVD)

T.S.O.L. - The Early Years Live (DVD)

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This DVD compiles mega-intense T.S.O.L. performances from both the Flipside and TargetVideo77 vaults, circa 1983. Featuring Jack Grisham (Vocals), Ron Emory (Guitar), Mike Roche (Bass), and Francis Gerald Barnes (Drums), this footage clearly defines T.S.O.L. as the founding fathers of vicious grindcore. Grisham's snarling vocals and menacing stage presence are as fierce as can be, as the band plows through 14 anthems such as "Superficial Love," "Abolish Government/Silent Majority," "Darker My Love," "Code Blue" and more. This rare footage is a true gem for fans of the band and old school punk alike.

Bonus Features

  • 2007 Bonus live clip from the archives of Team Goon/Big Wheel Media
  • A reading by Jack Grisham from his forthcoming book An American Savage Reformed
  • Interviews with the band


Track listing

  1. Beneath the Shadows
  2. Love Story
  3. Forever Old
  4. Man and Machine
  5. Darker my Love
  6. Waiting for You
  7. Weathered Statues
  8. Superficial Love
  9. Wash Away
  10. Abolish Government / Silent Majority
  11. The Other Side
  12. She'll Be Saying
  13. Code Blue


While they sometimes seem to get lost in the shuffle when discussions of "great West Coast punk bands of the early '80s" come up, Early Years Live shows that T.S.O.L. could easily hold their own on-stage with their counterparts from the era. - 4/5