The Jesus and Mary Chain - Psychocandy (CD) The Jesus and Mary Chain - Psychocandy (CD)

The Jesus and Mary Chain - Psychocandy (CD)

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In November of 1985, Scotland's THE JESUS AND MARY CHAIN released the now-classic Psychocandy LP. Fusing sweet pop / rock with a stripped down, raw buzzing production influenced by albums like White Light/White Heat by THE VELVET UNDERGROUND. Awash in epic feedback, distortion and noise. Every song is on a knife edge, as if it could collapse into an anarchic mess at any moment. Noise pop, proto-shoegaze; however you approach it the album is a monumentally minimalist classic.


Track listing

  1. Just Like Honey
  2. The Living End
  3. Taste the Floor
  4. The Hardest Walk
  5. Cut Dead
  6. In a Hole
  7. Taste of Cindy
  8. Some Candy Talking
  9. Never Understand
  10. Inside Me
  11. Sowing Seeds
  12. My Little Underground
  13. You Trip Me Up
  14. Something's Wrong
  15. It's So Hard


Arguably Psychocandy is an album with one trick and one trick alone - Beach Boys melodies meet Velvet Underground feedback and beats, all cranked up to ten and beyond, along with plenty of echo. However, what a trick it is. - 5/5