The Satan's Scourge - Threads of Subconscious Torment (Digipak CD)

The Satan's Scourge - Threads of Subconscious Torment (Digipak CD)

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The terrifying poison has been impregnated and polluted the fragile and outdated source, he has traveled the thick streams of the Stix, has infested all icy winds caused by Typhon, has admitted to the burning epicenter of the underworld, it's palpitating in the scarlet blood land full of the fluid from the weaks. It's dark and destructive cursed black / death metal brandishing and into the side of the ossified. It's the supreme audible chaos. It's THE SATANS SCOURGE.


Track listing

  1. Hammer of Chaos Bells (Intro)
  2. Threads of Subconsicous Torment
  3. Interludio
  4. Betwitx Pestiferious Beast
  5. Uncontrolled Bloody Desires
  6. Vejación Maldita
  7. Tortured Down in the Crypts
  8. Hypnotized Descomposition
  9. Saw or Alive
  10. The Crucified (Impaled Nazarene cover)