Theatre of Hate - Westworld (2022 Reissue) (LP)

Theatre of Hate - Westworld (2022 Reissue) (LP)

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Red vinyl. Classic album!

Westworld is the first studio album by English post-punk band THEATRE OF HATE. It was released in February 1982 by record label Burning Rome, prior to the band's dissolution in 1983. It was produced by Mick Jones of the CLASH.


Track listing

  1. Do You Believe in the West World
  2. Judgement Hymn
  3. 63
  4. Love Is a Ghost
  5. The Wake
  6. Conquistador
  7. The New Trail of Tears
  8. Freaks
  9. Anniversary
  10. The Klan


...with early-80s tribal allegiances as dead as an influential weekly music press, it's possible to listen to TOH's 1982 Westworld debut without prejudicial baggage, and it's an extraordinary piece of work. Brandon's unique post-punk vision set his soaring, passionate vocals and big, fat Gretsch against a widescreen Mick Jones production backdrop that's spacious, evocative, cinematic and heroic. - 4/5