Tortorum - Katabasis (CD) Tortorum - Katabasis (CD)

Tortorum - Katabasis (CD)

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Second full-length from TORTORUM!! A great album of black metal mysticism! TORTORUM lineup features Barghest of SPEARHEAD on bass and vocals, Specter (current guitarist with AETERNUS) and Skyggen (better known as Paimon from THUNDERBOLT, SWASTYKA, SUNWHEELS and other Polish cult bands).

In worship of chaos, darkness and the void.


Track listing

  1. Descensus
  2. The Great Appetence
  3. In Nameless Nonbeing
  4. Severance and Perseverance
  5. As the Light Falls to Slaughter
  6. Into the Sixth Coil
  7. Open Wide the Gates of Chaos
  8. Attributions to the Dead
  9. Beyond the Earth and Air and Sun


...Katabasis is a beast, a fully negative affirmation of its genre and just one of those black metal records which reminds you why you shunned society and started listening to the style in the first place. Fans of anything from Mayhem to Ondskapt to Shining to the members' other offerings would be wise to spend some time with this ghoulish drinking partner. Spite given musical flesh. - 5/5