Towers of Flesh - The Perpetual Paradox (CD)

Towers of Flesh - The Perpetual Paradox (CD)

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Raw blackened death metal from the Midlands UK with members of FUNERAL THRONE, NECROTIZE, BINAH and EXSQUOR. Mastered by Mick Kenney (ANAAL NATHRAKH). Inspired by WATAIN, VITAL REMAINS and IMMOLATION! Elitist esotericism.


Track listing

  1. The Becoming
  2. As Above, So Below
  3. Bringer of the Flame
  4. Renounce thy Flesh
  5. Forbidden Gnosis
  6. The Perpetual Paradox


...the closest kin that can be surmised to the style of The Perpetual Paradox is NAGLFAR or DARK FORTRESS. The musical patterns are very similar, but fortunately not identical. TOWERS OF FLESH show that they are capable of evolving into something much more complex and ferocious on their debut; the last track proves it so. - 4/5

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