Unholy Archangel - Obsessed by War (CD)

Unholy Archangel - Obsessed by War (CD)

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Chaotic Hellenic black metal, their debut album after 13 years!


Track listing

  1. Hymn to Aris
  2. Spartan's March
  3. Titanbattle I
  4. Behold the Nuclear Thunder of the Almighty Lord Zeus
  5. King War
  6. Obsessed by War
  7. Titanbattle II
  8. Destruction by Hyphaistos Hammer
  9. The Prehistoric Invasion of Hellenes in India Under Dionysous Command
  10. Εκ Δωδώνης Μεμαντευται
  11. Απειρωτάν
  12. Stench of Judeochristianism