Various - Horror Electronics (CD-R) Various - Horror Electronics (CD-R)

Various - Horror Electronics (CD-R)

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Hour long noise compilation featuring: SEPPUKU (Scotland) ENBILULUGUGAL (California, USA) SEWER GODDESS (Massachusetts, USA) TELECULT POWERS (Brooklyn, New York City, USA) TRI STATE CREMATORY(Georgia, USA) MYSTIFIED (Missouri, USA) WEB OF SHADOWS (Pennsylvania, USA).


Track listing

  1. Web of Shadows - Nightmare Ecstasy Initiation
  2. Sewer Goddess - Beneath the Moss
  3. Mystified - Stages of Retreat
  4. Telecult Powers - The Joy of Hex
  5. Tri-State Crematory - Vault
  6. Seppuku - Heads on Sticks
  7. Enbilulugugal - Maniac Curse of the Goat Serpent