Varsovie - Etat Civil (CD)

Varsovie - Etat Civil (CD)

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Debut album of Varsovie, "Etat Civil" has been recorded end 2008 at Drudenhaus studio (France), after about sixty concerts in Europe, and follows the EP "Neuf Millimetres" out in 2006. In a rock / post-punk style, these 11 tracks are in keeping with an effervescent, radical, melancholic and raw musical tradition, supported by Symbolist, Decadent or Expressionist french lyrics. "Etat Civil" gathers historic and personal crisis to capture some vertigos in a resolutely contemporary approach.


Track listing

  1. Etat Civil
  2. Etat d'Urgence
  3. Clandestine
  4. Leningrad
  5. Mademoiselle Else
  6. Cassandre
  7. Retour de Flammes
  8. La Promesse
  9. Demain en Septembre
  10. L'Art de la Fugue
  11. Inertie


Etat Civil is the great example that there still can be done something new in the music even though it entirely consists of well known elements. And it certainly pretends to be called one of the best post-punk oriented releases of 2009. - 5/5