Varyag - Memory (Память) (CD)

Varyag - Memory (Память) (CD)

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Long awaited and many times delayed: debut CD of VARYAG. This project was known in the past under name Arcona with it's split album with WEWELBURG and 2 songs on compilation Slavonic Resistance. After 3 years of silence an isolation, this album is a great step in the band's path, and excellent present to all fans of honest music that have nothing to do with todays commercial "correct" scene filled by mainstream "farmers" in "ancient" shirts with woody "swords"... Powerfull Pagan metal filled with spirits of warriors that fallen but enslaved... for our soil...
6 new songs and BURZUM cover. Heavy riffs combined with beautiful solos making the stream of unique nonconformist music that can be compared something like a mix of KATATONIA, PARADISE LOST and... KRAFTCHLAG.
Album was recorded during the whole 2005, and then remastered by the frontmen of cult band DIV, so expect very good sound here!
Nice 8 pages booklet with lyrics both in russian and english languages.


Track listing

  1. Маршем к победе
  2. Честь и верность
  3. Вверх, к триумфу воли
  4. 18
  5. Аркона
  6. Память
  7. Lost Wisdom (Burzum cover)