Venom - The Singles (5CD Box set)

Venom - The Singles (5CD Box set)

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Collects the early VENOM singles.

The Singles

  • In League with Satan b/w Live like an Angel (1981)
  • Bloodlust b/w In Nomine Satanas (1982)
  • Die Hard b/w Acid Queen (1983)
  • Warhead b/w Lady Lust (1984)
  • Manitou b/w Woman (1984)


Track listing

  1. In League With Satan
  2. Live Like An Angel (Die Like A Devil)
  3. Bloodlust
  4. In Nomine Satanas
  5. Die Hard
  6. Acid Queen
  7. Warhead
  8. Lady Lust
  9. Manitou
  10. Women