Virus - Unacceptable Noise Levels (CD)

Virus - Unacceptable Noise Levels (CD)

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This could be considered a discography CD of all that VIRUS never properly recorded back between 1983 and 1986 plus some new stuff! All recorded in 2007. Described as a mix between the SUBHUMANS, AMEBIX, and FLUX OF PINK INDIANS, VIRUS have that raw angry sound, not afraid to be slow like THE MOB they will sit perfectly on your shelf alongside ALTERNATIVE and OMEGA TRIBE.


Track listing

  1. Anarchy
  2. Paedophile
  3. Chainstore Massacre
  4. 3rd World Wonders
  5. Tabloid Shit
  6. Fight for Rights
  7. The Machine
  8. Celebrity Mutations
  9. Birth, Experiment, Death
  10. No Winners
  11. Soapbox
  12. No Bloody Use
  13. The Myth
  14. Extinction
  15. Can You Hear the Cries?
  16. CONgratulations
  17. Bloodsports
  18. How Can You Stand
  19. Industrialisation
  20. CCTV
  21. G-Rule
  22. Rejection
  23. Humane
  24. Killer