Black Vomit - Jungle Death (CD)

Black Vomit - Jungle Death (CD)

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BLACK VOMIT return with a new full-length album! Belonging to the collection of projects dubbed True Sheffield Black Psychedelia, BLACK VOMIT experiment within a framework of ambient / noise and lofi black metal. Previous releases include splits with RAPE RACK and DUKKHA. The material here has been compiled over several years and runs 56 minutes.


Track listing

  1. a premonition of inevitable doom
  2. deluge from hell
  3. conderlint5
  4. vigilante night
  5. last cries of the lost
  6. la pastora (the shepherdess)
  7. ...sage of the seets
  8. constdernt
  9. st anthonys fire (ergot death)
  10. repositioning chrome
  11. konna yume wo mite
  12. dark beloved cloud
  13. evolution of joy