Capricorns - River, Bear Your Bones (CD)

Capricorns - River, Bear Your Bones (CD)

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Aided by the frenetic urgency of new drummer Nathan Perrier (ex CONFLICT) River, Bear Your Bones, is a Frankensteinian sum of parts that slaps together the last 40 years of rock and it's outer limits.


Track listing

  1. Broken Coffin of the Venerable King
  2. Seventh Child of a Seventh Child
  3. Tempered with the Blood of Beasts
  4. November Suicides
  5. Owing to the Fogs
  6. The Bells Rang Backwards
  7. A Savage Race by Shipwrecks Fed
  8. Drinking Water from the Skull of a Hanged Man


Unlike most stoner acts Capricorns is an instrumental band, that means there is plenty of room for intricate music not to sound intricate. The technical aspects of the guitar especially are not over bearing because of the nature of their rock. And when I say prog rock, no one should feel scared. Capricorns toys with the genre but in the end plays tunes to the harmony, instead of to the conglomeration of notes. That said, the rhythmic base of drums and bass serve a very specific function, provide the backdrop, however colorful the songs need, it's never them assuming starring role. - 4/5