Hefeystos - Psycho Cafe (Digipak CD)

Hefeystos - Psycho Cafe (Digipak CD)

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I am the harlot that shaketh Death.

HEFEYSTOS started life as a great atmospheric black metal band in 1995 - and early on included members from such Polish giants as SCARILEGIUM and NORTH. Their earliest song (...w Krainie Drzew) was recently covered by DRUDKH. Following the self-titled demo, their self-titled album incorporated more doom and gothic elements; two years later their final album Psycho Cafe was released. Nergal and Frost (BEHEMOTH) appear as guest vocalists.


Track listing

  1. Love is the Law
  2. Our Lady of the Whores
  3. Credo/3 is the Key
  4. Away
  5. U Gonna Bleed 4 Me?
  6. Everyone is a Star
  7. Rats
  8. Adoration of the Earth
  9. Thursday Evening
  10. The Kingdom is Mine
  11. Psycho Cafe