Master's Hammer - Vracejte konve na misto (Digipak CD)

Master's Hammer - Vracejte konve na misto (Digipak CD)

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Fifth album by the legendary MASTER'S HAMMER!


Track listing

  1. Nordfrostkrampfland
  2. Šumava
  3. Ve vichru nicoty
  4. Námořnická
  5. Podejte mi samopal
  6. Dreaming Bulldog
  7. Vracejte konve na místo
  8. Lovecraft
  9. Flammarion
  10. Lingamy a mikve
  11. Pantheismus dobra
  12. Flammarion Fatal Mix


This was a year for weird and creative black metal, and no band did it better than the Czech titans Master's Hammer. Master's Hammer never stuck by the tremolo picked sound that most people think of when they hear the words black metal, but rather go with a more riff based sound. They fuse jagged riffing, off-kilter melodies, and strange otherworldly keyboards to create a brew of very potent metal, and there is a very occult ritual-like atmosphere permeating the entire release. The vocals switch between raspy growls and airy-but-eerie falsettos, and they do it seamlessly even flowing over top of each other. The guitar sounds wonderful, being murky and echo-y without being muddy. The tone is thick and roiling, and even feedback is used to great effect on the mood. Keyboard sounds are all over this album, adding odd textures, though only rarely driving the sound; on the song “Pantheismus Dobry” the keys twist and turn over each other while the guitar is mostly silent, building a very surreal spacey sound. Vracetje Konve Na Misto is a fantastic album, a compelling case for Master's Hammer being one of the true black metal masters. - 5/5