Spectral Lore / Locust Leaves - Split (CD)

Spectral Lore / Locust Leaves - Split (CD)

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CD comes in an Arigato Pak with a 4-panel fold-out booklet.

Highly accomplished, technical and atmospheric black metal from both Hellenic bands!

Differing in style yet definitely on par in terms of pure quality both artists deliver a seminal showcase of what happens when artistic integrity, solid knowledge of the fundamentals and sheer elan come together to form a musical offering which is above and beyond the sum of its parts. The CD comes in a delectable Arigato Pak with a 4-panel fold-out booklet on 300 machine-numbered copies retaining the appealing minimalism of black and white.


Track listing

  1. Spectral Lore - Duty
  2. Locust Leaves - Promise


...a complete evolution that manages to continue in the same vein as previous outputs: dark ambient music with intense, seemingly euphoric melodies; epic atmospheric black metal that straddles the line between diabetes-sweet and church-burning-raw; and beautifully manufactured soundscapes capable of not only overwhelming the listener, but seducing them. - 4/5