Aeon Winds - On the Way to Oblivion (CD)

Aeon Winds - On the Way to Oblivion (CD)

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Atmospheric black metal. Compiles Those Who Will Remain Silent Forever (Album 2012 - including bonus track from LP edition), Aeon (demo 2010) with one newly recorded song originally written in the demo-era.


Track listing

  1. Through the Gates of Dying Memories
  2. When the Dead Take Our Lives
  3. Vladci Hor
  4. Aeons of Crime
  5. Thorns of Destiny
  6. Cold Night
  7. Nechcena Pravda
  8. On the Way to Oblivion
  9. Black Spell of Destruction (Burzum cover)
  10. In the Embrace of a Nameless Souls
  11. Ancient Dream
  12. Aeon
  13. Za Tmou sa Poberal
  14. Between the Dawn and the Dusk
  15. Nechcena Pravda
  16. Z Hviezd Zrodeny (Planuci v Popoli Vekov)
  17. Z Hviezd Zrodeny part II. (Miznuci v Prachu Hviezd)
  18. Na Kridlach Havranov
  19. A Forest (The Cure cover)
  20. On the Wings of Wind