Virium - Mortui Resurgent (CD)

Virium - Mortui Resurgent (CD)

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the first full LENGTH of the Catalonian horde VIRIUM, which was only available in digital format until now. Nine hymns of raw black / thrash metal with punk vibes in wich collide the rawness of DARKTHRONE, the agresiveness of AURA NOIR and the fierceness of GBH.


Track listing

  1. A Path of Evil Thoughts
  2. March of the Goat
  3. Snow over Wallachia
  4. Vlad Têpes
  5. Horror Grave
  6. Hate, vengeance
  7. Wolved (by the Moonlight)
  8. The Cold and Distant Voice of a Shattered Soul
  9. The Rise of Cthulhu