Azath - Through a Warren of Shadow (CD)

Azath - Through a Warren of Shadow (CD)

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Death metal newcomers AZATH encroach into the scene with their very first full-length album Through A Warren Of Shadow; a rousing display of craggy death metal based heavily on high-fantasy themes.
With the band now mutating into a full line-up with the likes of Derek Orthner (BEGRIME EXEMIOUS) on vocals and Pierce Williams (LORD GORE, TORTURE RACK, etc) on drums, AZATH actualized the alternate oppressive world of dragons, war and bloodshed with intense yet engaging battle-like scenarios; redefining death metal into a state of majestic discordance.
Recorded at various locations by respective musicians, with mixing by Derek Orthner and mastering duties handled by CRUCIAMENTUM frontman Dan Lowndes at Resonance Sound Studio, England. All artwork and band logo designed by esteemed illustrator Mark Riddick (LIK, GATECREEPER, ARSIS, etc).


Track listing

  1. Into the Charnel
  2. Draconian Impalement
  3. Mortal Sword
  4. Knight of Chains
  5. Through a Warren of Shadow
  6. Pale Light
  7. Worm of Autumn
  8. The Whirlwind
  9. Children of the Dead Seed
  10. Shifting Forms
  11. Dying Echoes