Cauchemar - Tenebrario (LP)

Cauchemar - Tenebrario (LP)

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Their one-and-a-half-year peregrination carried them to South America, Asia, and Europe. As part of their travels, Patry and Giroux re-assembled CAUCHEMAR and toured extensively in Europe and also played shows in Chile, Peru, Colombia, and India all while continuing to write new material for their debut LP inspired and informed by their sojourns. Upon returning to Canada, CAUCHEMAR, now a four-piece featuring Andres Arango on bass, began recording its first full-length. Entitled Tenebrario, the album is steeped in mysterious atmosphere and finds the band delivering more of the solid songwriting featured on the MLP while also expanding in complexity and range. Striving for an aesthetically comprehensive presentation, CAUCHEMAR enlisted Paolo Girardi to provide the cover art, which is among the best of his pieces to be featured on an album cover. The three-year silence preceding this release only enhanced the band's approach and the resulting work speaks for itself.


Track listing

  1. D'encre et de sang
  2. Le feu du soleil
  3. Salamandre
  4. Tête de mort
  5. L'appel
  6. Le fantôme
  7. Rites lunaires
  8. Trois mondes
  9. Tenebrario


What can be said about "Tenebrario" that hasn't already been said? This album is amazing, is a masterpiece and is by far the Doom Metal release of the year. - 5/5