Necronomicon Beast - Necromando (Cassette)

Necronomicon Beast - Necromando (Cassette)

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Brazilian thrash metal warfare!!

After their one and only mlp, they recorded some more songs before there was silence. These tracks were supposed to be out on 2 7"s, but never saw the light of day, so years after this war theme obsessed thrashing speed metal is out on tape, together with a bonus rehearsal.


Track listing

  1. Brazilian Hellish Nights
  2. Demon ! Kamikaze ! Demon !
  3. Thrash Metal Warfare
  4. Military Philosophy
  5. A Nail in the Christ's Face (Satan's Black War)
  6. War Sex Blood
  7. In Hell We Trust
  8. Brazilian Hellish Nights
  9. To Be Continued...