Sepuku - Demo & Live Perversions (Cassette)

Sepuku - Demo & Live Perversions (Cassette)

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SEPUKU is a 3-piece thrashing death filth machine from London, UK, formed in 2010 through the mutual vices of alcohol, insanity and extreme metal. They have carved a mark out on the live scene since 2011 with energetic, destructive performances, spilling blood and earning shows with fellow maniacs AURA NOIR, VULCANO, DESECRATION, SONNE ADAM, CRUCIAMENTUM, and CODE.

Limited to 200 handnumbered pro-tapes.


Track listing

  1. Stench Of The Dead
  2. Chemical Disincorporation
  3. Deathcrust
  4. Orgy Of Demise (Live)
  5. La Muerte (Live)
  6. Taste The Drip (Live)
  7. Deathcrust (Live)