Ain Sof Aur - Ophis Christos (Digipak CD)

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Powerful, intense and ritualistic masterpiece of orthodox metal of death.

Cover, 24 page booklet and 3 panel digipak design by Timo Ketola (WATAIN, DEATHSPELL OMEGA).

A monument of Death and Rebirth. 7 deathly Psalms of Draconian madness over the Gospel's dispensation, devouring the occult and black metal ego worship trend.


Track listing

  1. Maveth Ha-Nephesh
  2. The Four Reflexions of Divinity and Indulgence
  3. Mehûmah
  4. Pralayakarta (Vamachara Tantra)
  5. Netivat Tohû
  6. Above the Supreme Crown of God
  7. Yatra