Cardinal Wyrm - Black Hole Gods (Digisleeve CD)

Cardinal Wyrm - Black Hole Gods (Digisleeve CD)

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CARDINAL WYRM is a three-piece band from the Bay Area. Their music is rooted in traditional, epic doom inspired by the immortal tones of REVEREND BIZARRE, COUNT RAVEN, and BATHORY's soaring odes, but is rife with an undercurrent of filth and desperation, creating the uniquely haunting, intimate, and suffocating grandeur of their sound. Steered by drummer and vocalist Pranjal Tiwari, guitarist Nathan Verrill, and bassist Rachel Roomian, the band has been active since 2010, self-releasing their debut album and sharing the stage with acts such as WOLVSERPENT, HOBBS ANGEL OF DEATH, UZALA, and SABBAT along the way.