Deep Desolation - Rites of Blasphemy (Digipak CD)

Deep Desolation - Rites of Blasphemy (Digipak CD)

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Second album of Polish black doom metal.


Track listing

  1. Between the Tits of a Witch
  2. Searching for Yesterday
  3. Intermezzo
  4. Blasphemous Rite
  5. Mroczny Hymn
  6. Cuius Regio / Eius Religio
  7. I Became Your God
  8. Necromouth


Nothing is left to chance - the production strikes the perfect balance between raw, almost live sounding aggression and studio-based power; the musicianship is exemplary throughout and the atmosphere the band channel is unremittingly bleak and laden with doom. This year has already been exceptional for black metal with both Old Corpse Road and Winterfylleth releasing absolutely blinding efforts, and Deep Desolation stand head and shoulders with them, their dedication, passion and power as vital and as essential as black metal gets - 'Rites of Blasphemy' is a stunning album from start to finish - well worth tracking down. - 5/5