Empire Auriga - Auriga Dying (CD)

Empire Auriga - Auriga Dying (CD)

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We originally carried EMPIRE AURIGA's one and only release Auriga Dying in May of 2006 after receiving one of the impressive self-released CDRs. There were plans for a label release that year. Delays and an eventual label change followed, but finally here is the CD release of Auriga Dying.

Debut release from American post-apocalyptic visionaries EMPIRE AURIGA! The music is described as mixtures of early industrial, black metal, shoegazer, military fanfare, and trance-guitar. Later BURZUM, and NORTT with industrial roughness and originality.
Expansion, contemplation, destruction, regeneration. Auriga Dying is an epic tale, timeless vision and a superb recording.

For those who either didn't get one of the original xerox CDR copies, or want to experience the album again with a new presentation (12 page booklet with gold print).


Track listing

  1. Time Expanding
  2. Sorrowsong
  3. Dreaming of Breath & Stars
  4. The Lurker
  5. Waiting for the Fall
  6. Soul Interrupt
  7. Dust & Ether


...by now you should already be informed of Empire Auriga's ambient leanings. Moribund gets it totally right here when they link this duo's sound to that of Burzum and Current 93. It sure as fuck is as disturbing. The vocals are also subtle and placed low in the mix, provoking an even more mysterious 'am I really hearing that?' freaky feeling. And freaky is a cheesy and appropriate word. Auriga Dying creates such an eerie feeling, these boys should be making soundtrack for some deranged Japanese filmmakers. - 5/5